Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Project Polish 2nd Corps 1

This is the first painted miniature of my Polish project. This is the scout carriers of 5th Kresowa infantry division. I used the battlefront miniatures and mostly Vallejo paints. Please enjoy my painting. Also, hope you like the new template of my painting photos. ;)

You can see here the strong decals on the front vehicle. The division mark I used 1:72 decals from Toro Model, Poland. They are producing excellent decals for Polish army from 1:35~1:72 ranges. It is a little big for 15mm but looks fine because it strengthens the feeling of 15mm vehicle. I like the exaggeration.

Besides of the front decals, I decorated the carriers with other decals like Polish flags and the vehicle numbers. Overall, it looks very satisfying. And gives variety as well.

You might notice that I didn't do any weathering on the carriers. No I didn't. Since my style of infantry is clean and neat so I worried about overall consistency between the infantry and vehicle. I might be wrong because Ruben always does a good job for weathering.

I might try the weathering later in this project or in another project. But nobody knows...

Hope you enjoyed my new project painting. I am not sure when I can finish this project because of my interests of other projects. But your continuous interests in this project would encourage me to keep working.

Happy painting!
Cpt. Beaver

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

A New Project!

Since the last posting, there have been many changes in my hobby life. I have tried many different miniatures and painting style. Many of them couldn't be successful for me. It discouraged me a lot. When I stood up at the end of the road, I found one to try. It was 15mm WW2, which is Flames of War.

I tried FOW 3 or 4 years ago. If you read my blog, you could find some postings about it. Anyway, it looks like a huge cycle of my hobby life. I will be there where I was at least one time in a few years. :P

Good thing is that my fellows in a club enjoys FOW so I can join them. Which is a great motivation in this hobby.

I chose Polish 2nd Corps in Italian front, especially Monte Cassino. I love bears, love Wojtek! so I will prepare Wojtek themed army, which is infantry + heavy artillery army. Also, I like the idea of the infantry ace so I am thinking about using 500, 700, 900 points games while I am preparing the army.

So the project begins.

With the first batch.

Scout carriers!!!!!

Skin and shade for the battledress and webbing done.

Base color for battledress and shade for helmet done

I am working on the crews first. Hope I could show you my finished models soonest.

Here are the project plan.

Looks quite easy, right? Hope so. But my life wouldn't make this easier. :)

See you soon.

Cpt. Beaver