Saturday, March 24, 2012


Today I have been the HAVOC XXVIII. It's my first time to visit any game conference.

It is a three-days game show, and I have been on Saturday morning. The size is not that big, but I liked the atmosphere of the show.

I remember this is the table of "Fire and Fury (I'm not sure the name)". Looks very cool Napoleonic game. It's huge table as well!

Among the vendors, there were some painted figures. Very pricey, but it might be a good choice for no-time gamer.

It is a one of the WW2 game table, IABSM. People played the eastern front. It is my first time to see the real game of IABSM. It was interesting to see the "Fogs of War" effects.

Huge scale (15mm) of the Trafalgar table. It seemed that all ships were scratch build. Looks awesome.

There was no table for the FOW. I was a little bit disappointed about that. In Massachusetts, there is no group for the FOW. If any of you knows the player, please let me know.
Anyway, it was very meaningful experience to me because I could learn many things about the game conference. I wish I could play these funny games with a few good people. I really envy the guys in the games.

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