Tuesday, March 27, 2012


 Here comes zookas. I bought the "Devil's brigade" platoon box set and it's supposed to include 4 zookas, but mine had 3 zookas. Fortunately so far I don't need 4 zookas because I plan to build 600 pts with 1 platoon. That being said, I need 2 zookas for HQ and 1 zooka for the platoon.

All zooka team equip the M1 carbine rifle, which is a little fun to paint.

I realized that my previous recipe for the webbing was too similar to the helmet's color. So I decided to change the color. I dropped to use the brown violet and I picked the green grey. It looks better to me.

For the webbing, 
Base: US Olive drab
1st highlight: US Olive drab + Green grey
2nd highlight: Green grey

Next, I gonna paint 81mm mortar and platoon command team.


  1. Looking good.
    Makes me want to get my Saga stuff done so I can get back to knocking out some more yank infantry.