Sunday, March 11, 2012


I painted 2 more bases of FSSF guys for about 3 weeks. Nice speed, but not for this week. I tried several techniques this time. Non metal color painting and Woodland scenics' ballast instead of Vallejo pumice. The result was some good and some bad. The good news is traditional basing by white glue and sand approach was easier and better to me. I prefer the texture from the traditional method. But the bad news for me is that Non metal color painting didn't work for me. It took almost double time consuming than using metal colors. With time constraint of my situation, I dropped the Non metal painting. (The right base is from Non metal)

Also, I decided to reduce one layer for the jacket. I always look for the time saving method, which also keeps same quality. Left one is 3 layers and right one is 4 layers. It doesn't show much difference. So I decided to use Vallejo canvas + USA Olive drab for base, Khaki for 1st, and Khaki + US Tank crew highlight for 2nd. 

These are my guys so far. You can notice that base color is quite different one another because of my several coloring trials. I am going to settle down to the middle one. It is darker then others, but IMO, it looks more realistic.

Next, I will paint Zookas.

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