Tuesday, April 10, 2012

US FSSF 1st Platoon Done

Finally, I finished my first infantry platoon of US FSSF for the Flames of War. It took two months to finish. It's not that bad for me.

You can be noticed something changed on my photo. Yes, I use my DIY lighting box to take my miniatures photo. It's not a perfect quality, but  I am pretty satisfied with the result. Here is the HQ team. I painted a mustache on the "Platoon leader" model. I was trying to make him look like Brad Pitt in Inglorious Bastards. In that movie, Brad Pitt was wearing the uniform with the FSSF army mark. (You can see if you closely watch the movie.)

I chose to use 81mm mortar rather than 60mm because of smoke, but I haven't played the Flames of War yet, I don't know whether my choice is good or not.

Here is my first platoon. I am dissatisfied with the base color deviation from my different color choices. It reduces the "harmony" feeling, but it just is.

Painting flames of war figures drained my energy and interest of the 15mm painting because to finish my 600 points army I need to paint other figures as well and it will take another couple of months.

I decided to have a little fresh air from out of 15mm so I am going to paint 20mm figures until I recover the energy for 15mm. Maybe next figures be Fallschrimjagers and a little Taleban (Yes, Taleban.) models. Recently I met a few great people who want to collect models and play Kampfgruppe Normandy and Force on Force, Flames of War. So I need to prepare my army with them. Nice move.


  1. Really nice work on these guys. I'm painting FSSF myself at the moment.