Sunday, May 6, 2012

Fallschirmjager Platoon WIP 1

As I mentioned before, I switched to paint 20mm for now due to the preparation for KGN. I decided to collect Fallschirmjager, so I got some figures from Kelly's Heroes.

I had a hard time to paint these figures because the painting 20mm is very different from 15mm. I should consider more about contrast and color control, which means I couldn't use my recipe used in 15mm painting. Almost for a month, I struggled to find the recipe. Finally, I got one. Left 3 figs was not, right 2 figs came from my recipe. Let's look closely.

You might notice that the contrast seems a little bit weak. That's because of the base color. I used Olive Drab for these figs. It works fine in 15mm, but it's not in 20mm.

Back side of figs. You can see the glossy on the figures. I used Futures for the gloss coating, and then sprayed Dull cote. But sometime gloss doesn't disappear perfectly. I will spray Vallejo Matt Coat on them  later.

These are from my new recipe. To increase contrast and color tone, I decide to use German camo Black brown as base color. It works very nice to me.

You might say, where is the rain marks in your splinter camo? I dropped to paint the rain mark because of the time constraint. But, I might try it in the future. :)

This looks better than 15mm. Maybe from more detail from 20mm. I am painting 1:72 opel truck from Pegasus. When I get the airbrush system, I am going to paint Stug III and Kubelwagen.

P.S. I used Zinc fender washer for bases. It feels heavier.