Saturday, June 9, 2012

SS Panzer Project WIP 1

Due to the trouble to find good models for FJ machine gun, I temporarily stop painting FJ. Besides on FJ, I decided to try new style of painting with new models, 1:72 plastic or soft plastic injection models. I wanted to try painting for more "real" figures than previous models. I picked 2nd SS Panzer to collect and paint. For infantry, which is essential for the game even though Panzer army.

I finally selected models from Italeri and Pegasus, which are size between 23.5 and 24 mm. Painted two of them first to see the overall feeling of the new style painting.

As you noticed, I changed my painting style for 1:72 figures. My previous style might not work for these size of figures. So I developed and try the new style. Funny face but realistic and serious equipment, uniforms, and vehicles. I try to put some wit into the models. Merging the feeling of toy soldiers and realistic models. I hope it will work.

This guy comes from Itareli. Good things for Italeri are a little hard plastic and detail. I didn't know the detail of Italeri infantry figures, but it is better than I thought.

 This is from Pegasus. It is softer than Italeri. Overall is also good.

The result of the new style is 50:50. I dropped some quality from shadows and highlight, but I got some benefit from high detail and got some harmony between different makers by painting "funny" face.

Compared with other 1:72 models like vehicles, it looks better in some points. If I paint vehicles with realistic weathering and chipping, it would be interesting to see how these funny figures mix with vehicles! Please keep your eyes on this blog :D

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