Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Project Polish 2nd Corps 1

This is the first painted miniature of my Polish project. This is the scout carriers of 5th Kresowa infantry division. I used the battlefront miniatures and mostly Vallejo paints. Please enjoy my painting. Also, hope you like the new template of my painting photos. ;)

You can see here the strong decals on the front vehicle. The division mark I used 1:72 decals from Toro Model, Poland. They are producing excellent decals for Polish army from 1:35~1:72 ranges. It is a little big for 15mm but looks fine because it strengthens the feeling of 15mm vehicle. I like the exaggeration.

Besides of the front decals, I decorated the carriers with other decals like Polish flags and the vehicle numbers. Overall, it looks very satisfying. And gives variety as well.

You might notice that I didn't do any weathering on the carriers. No I didn't. Since my style of infantry is clean and neat so I worried about overall consistency between the infantry and vehicle. I might be wrong because Ruben always does a good job for weathering.

I might try the weathering later in this project or in another project. But nobody knows...

Hope you enjoyed my new project painting. I am not sure when I can finish this project because of my interests of other projects. But your continuous interests in this project would encourage me to keep working.

Happy painting!
Cpt. Beaver